99 Name Allah

January 21st, 2014

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99 Name Allah

Asma ul husna 99 namen allah 99 names of allah.

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  • gu tita says:


  • gu tita says:

    Ya Allah

  • Alame sgma says:

    [SCARED TRUTH] NOT ALL different gods are true! When Jesus called SATAN to
    ALLAH in Quran who fought against the death and resurrection of Jesus in
    the GOD salvation plan (Matt 16:-21-23 & Mark 8:30-33)! And a BIG SERPENT
    with a king crown was illustrated in the word ALLAH in ARABIC, his native
    Arabic language in Islam, that NO Arab scholars dared to tell its real

  • Fatima Cristina says:


  • Fatih Bosna says:

    La ilahe illallah <3

  • gu tita says:

    Ya Allah

  • Fatima Cristina says:

    ya rab allah akbar

  • fardin nezami says:


  • IslamTheTruthWay says:

    there are more names in other books and scriptures. Jehovio, Hashem,
    Elohim, Wahe Guru, Brahma, Rama, Kali and BhageWan

  • pezo hanzo says:

    The most powerful names!

  • dobrovoljac1971 says:

    In the Quran there are 99 names for god. When you read the whole Quran,
    from Alfatiha, the first surah, till surah number 114, the last surah of
    the Quran, you will not find the word ‘father’ or ‘love’ attributed to God.
    God is no father in Islam. God is no love in Islam

  • jesuskommtbald70 says:

    stupid !

  • bjoojoo says:

    ALLAH FROM LIPS OF JESUS Mat.27:46-”Eli, Eli, lama sabachithani “Sabachtani
    means”Tarak’tani”in Arabic,meaning LEFT ME.Church changed to make it nicer&
    says”forsaken me.”Real translation”GOD,GOD,WHY DID YOU LEFT ME.”Unbiased
    ChristiansKnow his Semitic language Jesus called God Eli, ELLAH/ALLAH.Spell
    it as you wish,don’t error,say-God,Father,Jehovah.Semitic languages
    Hebrew/Arabic “ABBA”=FATHER.other example,SALAM/SHALOM, AHAD/AAHAD, etc Mat
    27:46 Jesus didn’t say”abba”,nor Eli sound like Jehovah

  • dedy irfan says:


  • MrCATesla says:

    @dobrovoljac1971 Se dice (en árabe) que: Allah posee tres mil nombres. Mil
    los ha revelado a Sus ángeles. Mil a Sus profetas. Trescientos están en los
    “Zahur” – los salmos de David. Trescientos se hallan en la Torah.
    Trescientos están en los Evangelios. Noventa y nueve están en el Sagrado
    Corán. Uno, el nombre de Su esencia, El lo ha mantenido para Si Mismo y se
    halla oculto en el Corán.

  • mohd nasrul yusya Nas says:

    x tau la ya Allah

  • bjoojoo says:

    If this God’s words, does God talk like this? Please compare this with the
    words and Ayah’s of the Holy Quran? let yourself be a witness to this and
    be honest THE WORD “BASTARD” IN THE BIBLE !! [Deut. 23:2] A BASTARD should
    not enter into the congregation of the Lord. [Hebrew 12:8] Then you are
    BASTARDS, and not sons. (K.J.V) [Hebrew 12:8] It means you are not real
    sons, but BASTARDS. (G.N.B)

  • fardin nezami says:


  • diyaahsan says:


  • shahid100pk says:

    subhan allah

  • Melvin Cain says:

    racist / dumb fuck / hatred / disrespects / internet retards are not
    supposed to be using the INTERNET for any purposes….

  • MrCATesla says:

    @dobrovoljac1971 peace with be you

  • thesufiway says:

    Jazak Allah for posting. Easily one of my favourite versions of asma al
    husna. May Allah reward your efforts in this life and in the next.

  • naeemah34 says:


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